Inland Fuel Notification

October 6, 2014

Dear Totem Ocean Customers: 

As today, the West Coast diesel fuel price as published by the U.S. Dept. of Energy was $3.933 per gallon (please refer to the chart below, or to  This price level corresponds with an inland/arbitrary fuel surcharge of 34.5% as published in tariff STB TOTE 100-A and TOCT 401-A.

U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices*  (dollars per gallon)

Region09/22/1409/29/1410/06/14Change from a week agoChange from a year ago


East Coast (PADD1)3.8043.7783.755-0.023-0.153
  New England (PADD1A)3.8863.8803.848-0.032-0.192
  Central Atlantic (PADD1B)3.8863.8573.830-0.027-0.137
  Lower Atlantic (PADD1C)3.7223.6943.678-0.016-0.160
Midwest (PADD2)3.7133.6943.670


Gulf Coast (PADD3)3.6963.6853.662-0.023-0.143
Rocky Mountain (PADD4)3.8413.8063.787-0.019-0.128
West Coast (PADD5)3.9903.9483.933-0.015-0.119
  West Coast less California3.9293.8763.855-0.021-0.081


Therefore, effective October 19, 2014 the inland/arbitrary fuel surcharge Item 346 shall be increased to 34.5%

Please note:  the ocean fuel surcharge will remain as published in Totem Ocean’s tariffs under Item 345.     

For historical fuel surcharges click here.

Please call me with any questions: (253) 449-8185.  Thank you.


Rich Menti

Sr. Pricing Analyst



Historical Fuel Charges


Expiration Date: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014