Service Reliability

Totem Ocean Performance

Alaska demands a unique formula for success.

Best On Time Rating: Totem Ocean has a 99% Anchorage on-time arrival record over the past 10 years with a fast port-to-port transit time of 66 hours.

Quick Port Turnaround Time: Due to Totem Ocean's RO/RO operation, port turn-around time is a speedy 12 hours or less.

MV Midnight Sun in ice.

Totem Ocean Service Reliability: Performance to Schedule

*Number of Voyages Complete102101101102102101
Number of Voyages on Time9810010110196100
Percent of Voyages on Time96%99%100%99%94%99%

*“On-Time” is measured by starting work at the Port of Anchorage 7am-8am on Sundays and Tuesdays